RackBank’s managed server hosting has built the fit-for-purpose solution for your business. We are happy to contribute in the best interests of your business however we can from our end.

Multi-technology, multi-vendor

Our managed dedicated servers come with a feature tag – they are multi-vendor, multi-technology. This makes managed hosting fit for all kinds of demands – from storage and computing to networking and applications solutions.

Our tireless support, your backbone

There will be real human beings, not a recorded voice, over phone, email and every possible form of communication connected with you 24 hours of all seven days of all 365 days. There is no limit to the number of tickets; we are always there without extra charge.

Timely configuration

RackBank managed dedicated server will always come with the ‘First day configuration help’ from the hour one. Our staff will ensure that your managed hosting solution is initially configured strictly as per your requirements.

Key features

  • High-availability eCommerce hosting
  • Website security and backup
  • Data storage and sharing
  • Data consistency and security
  • Specialist support and resources
  • Streaming, SaaS and enterprise solutions