You are our benchmarks. RackBank has a host of data center solutions to make you a leader in your segment. We offer the most reliable solutions suitable for banking and finance sector so that you float smoothly in a tough market.

Get the most reliable IT environment

Banking, Finance, Insurance are tough markets that call for speed, reliability and robust security of data. RackBank builds an environment for you that is optimized just for your industry needs. We have the know-how and the skill to host BFSI environments that are at par with global standards.


The total asset value of the entire banking sector in India alone is nearly US$ 270 billion.

Ready to tap it?

Secure your digital assets and let RackBank pull you forward.

  • Protect digital assets

    RackBank will protect and connect with your business-critical digital assets as per your specifications. You may be a banking, financial or insurance firm, you can safely and conveniently colocate your critical IT systems inside our datacenter.

  • More reliability

    We understand how crucial data storage is for you and your industry. We give you a matchless reliability with world-class support services to fully equip you to face the stiff competition.

  • Equipped for electronic payments

    Cashless transactions are a norm in your industry but speed and convenience can be the deal-crashers if you didn’t choose a reliable data center. RackBank ensures the speed and connectivity so you may conveniently adjust your payment networks for day-to-day transactions.