Are you ever fully prepared for natural disasters that may spell doom owing to irrecoverable technical outage? There are many other unforeseen disasters that may lead to losing clientele. With growing integration of complex systems to answer some of the biggest queries of real world problem, there are hundreds of avenues that could lead to a major breakdown in service.

While for you the definition of "disaster" may vary from other industries, RackBank Disaster Recovery Service is a future-ready solution for you. No matter how complex the operations and how many different parties are involved to deliver a product or a solution. We have got it all sorted. We are prepared for natural or man-made disasters at every step of the way because we have The RackBank Edge.

While we have some industry standard models to offer you in case of disasters, you can rely on us for a completely trustworthy infrastructure and foresighted strategy.

Cold Sites

This is the most simplistic version of disaster recovery services we offer. We provide you the most basic essentials of infra needs - power and networking capability with cooling systems. It doesn't include hardware or storage as service. This is for businesses who want to handle the hardware and storage services themselves. Though we offer impeccable hardware and storage services as well!

Warm Sites

This service model provides all the essential services of cold sites plus hardware as service along with both servers and switches. They are "ready-to-go" services. All you need to do is replicate your data from your primary site which you could utilize anytime your primary site breaks down.

Hot Sites

Now that's the fully loaded service model we offer at great value price. It is like a mirror to your primary site and with worries of maintenance! This is the ideal disaster recovery site, and takes a lot of planning to ensure that you have zero off minimal downtime of your service.

The Rackbank Edge has world class services that you simply can't ignore for your disaster recovery needs:

  • Multi-site and Multi-tenant: You can replicate between more than one site to enable centralized and simplified management and for full realization of economies of scale
  • Array agnostic: Irrespective of your storage vendor and architecture, we replicate your environment in all the scenarios
  • Deployed quickly and remotely: We don't have long queues for your request. It takes us just few hours to connect you to Disaster recovery, worry-free mode
  • Low latency time: Recover your applications on click of a button, with our super-fast connectivity
  • Customized packages: Not all applications are critical; we help you to pick your critical lot regardless of the physical server or storage location of your applications.

The Rackbank Edge has complete ABS system for DR management service when you want to drive your business on the fast.