You are our pride. We have the most competitive server hosting/colocation services in a world-class green data center for manufacturing/government industries from iron and steel to cotton and textiles and from energy to sugar manufacturing.

Work hand in hand with RackBank

Production must go on. But not everything is in your hands. You need to rely on outside vendors, providers, agencies for a number of your operations and projects. RackBank doesn’t work like an outside agency. It works with you hand-in-hand to enable better delivery of your projects or production targets. We know the bottlenecks since we are consulting India’s first Data Center Park project which is a government undertaking.


India’s manufacturing sector could touch US$ 1 trillion by 2025, a report by McKinsey and Company said.

Are you prepared to tap the benefit?

Produce aggressively. Trust our expert industry-specific solutions.

  • Low production cost

    We give you data center solutions in a cost that would cut your production and operations cost. We give you high connectivity in low cost, UPS redundancy, reliability, flexibility & portability apart from free support. We use licensed software and provide vendor management free.

  • Faster delivery, high security

    RackBank is able to deliver services and solutions faster with the benefit of being in the SEZ. We have ready to customize data storage solutions and deliver them faster. We use 100% Cisco Powered network with 100% DG power back up and disaster recovery solution which give RackBank its military grade security .

  • Carbon neutral data center

    RackBank is a carbon-neutral green data center that intends to reduce carbon emissions through eco-friendly measures and encourage plantation. In addition, we are inside the SEZ unit which is an intelligent green building with building management system including CCTV, PA system etc. You can partner with us for a green project knowhow apart from our data center solutions.