• Multi-tenant, open access, carrier neutral, diversely-connected Data Parks, augmented with the neutrality and optionality offered by the world-leaders.
  • RackBank Parks’ unique ecosystem serves as a natural habitat for all data center players, whether big data or private cloud, where they can build, operate and grow their business in a reliable, scalable and secure ecosystem.
  • RackBank’s flagship Data Centre Park is serving the world from the heart of India, offering excellent operational efficiencies and unprecedented fast go-to-market time starting Q1, 2019.
  • Data Center Parks offer excellent operational efficiencies, abundant and clean energy sources and state of the art security provisions.
  • The Parks are strategically located for optimal value creation in response to immediate and future space demands and connectivity requirements.


Economy model datacenter park

Shared Economy Model

Multi Tenant shared environment datacenter park

Multi Tenant shared environment

strategic location datacenter park

Strategic Location

Scale upto 5MW - 100MW datacenter park

Scale upto 5MW - 100MW

Subsidised Power cost datacenter park

Subsidised Power cost

Custom Tailored Solution datacenter park

Custom Tailored Solution

Plug and Play - Instant Go to Market datacenter park

Plug and Play - Instant Go to Market

Redundant : Power, Network, Cooling datacenter park

Redundant : Power, Network, Cooling

Deploy upto 5k - 100k sq. m. datacenter park

Deploy upto 5k - 100k sq. m.


How it works


How it works

Powered shell

How it works

Construction-ready land

How it works



RackBank is a hyper-scale and wholesale datacenter platform for cloud, content and large enterprise customers across the Emerging Markets. We develop and operate datacenter campuses with proven reliability, technology innovation and energy efficiency.

Our unique capabilities, design and construction methodologies allow us to provide our customers with a scalable and sustainable datacenter solution at a significantly lower operating cost than other providers.

To make IT Infrastructure and Cloud affordable for everyone.


Indian Market Opportunity

  • India is set to become 8 million sq.ft. data centre market & Mumbai alone worth 4 million sq.ft.
  • Key demand driver - Data Localization Law.
  • 750 Million internet user (by 2020) with multitudes of per-capita data consumption.
  • Ambitious initiative of the Union Government for 200 smart cities.

RBDC Data Parks in India

Data Park Indore

Area - 35K sq. ft.

Location - Indore

Status - Operational

Total Land Area - 5 Acres

Power Capacity - 10MW

Data Park Bombay

Area - 1 Million sq. ft.

Location - Navi Mumbai

Status - Coming Soon

Total Land Area - 10 Acres

Power Capacity - 75+MW

Data Park Chennai

Area - 0.5 Million sq. ft.

Location - Chennai

Status - Planned

RackBank Datapark Location

Advantages of RBDC Data Parks


Substantially lower lease rate compared to the market. No monthly cross connect fees. Zero margin on electricity costs.


We have own energy park to supply Clean energy. Zero capex. Pay per unit of solar energy. Cheaper than grid.


Lower electricity rate (~8-12%) due to HV investment. ~70% water savings.


99.9999999% (7 9's) availability of overall system. Industry leading SLAs.


Hyperscale sites offer growth within the same facility. Flexible commercial approach.


PUE 1.15 in temperate climate. PUE 1.45 in tropical climate. We guarantee our PUE.


Less than 6 months to add capacity. Efficient supply chain with world class suppliers.


Carrier neutral data parks.

Our Leaders

Narendra Sen

Founder and Director

Narendra Sen is the Founder and Director of RackBank DataCenters Pvt Ltd. He is a pioneering mind who at first led the digital marketing expertise in Central India back in 2006 followed by founding the region’s first green data center.

Anil Reddy

Director, Datacenter Park

Multifaceted Leader with 28 years of creating successful businesses, products, regions and winning teams. As head of Cloud Infrastructure Strategy and Global Datacenter Capacity Management at Microsoft, Anil is an cloud-data center industry expert. He has also been the chief strategy officer for Microsoft India.

K C Maheshwari

Director, Infrastructure

He comes across as someone with great insight into innovations with 30+ years of experience in engineering with multidisciplinary exposure, proficiency in operation & maintenance of Electrical system & Power plants.