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RackBank Partner is industry’s most trusted, revenue‐focused and long term partnership program. Select from our three Partner options: which Partner you wish to be.

Proud to be a RACKBANKER Got a great email/contacts network? Or have some space to display ads/links to make quick money? You fit right into our RackBank Affiliate Partner Program. All you need to do is share your contact database and our sales team will tell you what to do with it.

Mr. Amit Barfa


RackBank’s Partner Services and Support

  • Sales support: We are here to assist you throughout the process.
  • 24*7 Tireless Customer Support: Our tireless customer support is your bonus.
  • Partner Account Team: Our dedicated account team shall take you through pre sales, billing, technical support and in customer service.

RackBank Partner Qualifying Questions

  • Are you looking for a server infrastructure, data center infrastructure?
  • Are you an IT infrastructure provider, managed service provider or simply an IT solutions/products company?
  • Are you a data center considering expansion through a trusted partner?
  • Do you wish to own a data center, cages, racks or any such IT infrastructure in India?
  • Do you have compliance or regulatory concerns?

RackBank Sales Process for Partners

  • Enquiry and exploration call to understand your requirements.
  • Analysis of the requirement.
  • Quote/Proposal provided.
  • Acceptance of the quote