Free you Land from the burden of development

RackBank is looking for a Real Estate developer/Landlord to partner for their upcoming new Venture “RackBank Prime” for sufficing the requirement of our Retail and Enterprise clients.


Why Partner with us?

RackBank Prime, is Startup Datacenter platform and operator builds on the principles of Integrity, Ethics and Transparency. Currently Managing a Retail facility of 5 MW (can be expandable upto 10 MW) in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. We partnered with Landlords/Commercial Property owners/Developers for establishing our retail facility in Tier I and Tier II cities and enabling them to tap into various sized businesses including enterprise and SME. We have Robust Inhouse technical and Marketing team who have wholesome Knowledge and Experience in handling Retail Segment.

What you can get?

Transform your property for Superior Return

With Datacenter booming and proving to be a lucrative Investment among other segments of real estate markets. We help the Landlords, Property Owners and Developers to gain access to the fastest growing and Capital Intensive real estate segment with minimal capital investment and Greater returns. The financial returns for Retail segments are estimated to be 2X over Hyperscale and Colocation segments.

What you can get?

Access to Enterprise Markets

Data Demand from Enterprise and SME markets constitutes 60% of overall data demand in India and proves to yield better returns compared to Hyperscalers and Colo markets. With Retail and SME businesses moving from Captive to Edge and Retail DC hence there is enough business opportunity to exploit and develop the business markets.

What you can get?

Unique Product and Service Offering

RB offerings include vast office space with room for expansion, security and electricity redundancy. In addition to the same. RackBank also offers RackBank Cloud, RackBank Bare metal server, RB CDN, RB Internet Exchange, RB Backup storage, RB Backup Colo.

Our Preferred Locations

Developers from Tier I and Tier II cities having land area in the city limits are preferred.

Interested Developers/Landlords/Commercial Property owners can connect with us by filling details in the form as enclosed. PLEASE NOTE, however, that this website is intended for submissions by DEVELOPERS, LANDLORDS and PROPERTY OWNERS, ONLY, and any submissions by brokers will not be considered.

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