Hyper-scale Datacenter Platform

Presenting a Giga Campus for the most hyper-scale digital infrastructure imaginable


Architecture with Datacenter Future in mind

Rackbank’s mission towards developing a concept as massive as a GigaCampus is to create a level playing field for enabling digital IT infrastructure in the ever-so-growing Asian economies. The world is able to save resources if we all join hands to create economies and efficiencies of hyperscale in an environment of sustainable energy.

The Giga Campus will serve as a future-secured platform for data-driven companies to not only set up their own data centers but also truly thrive in a 100% clean energy facility with zero carbon footprints.

  • Active Project
  • Future Project

Experience Rackbank’s Value Benefit Model

Benefits of our 6 P’s



  • Sustainability
  • Innovative 50MW power generating machine
  • Savings on Carbon Footprints
  • Capex to Opex Model
  • Zero dependencies on Govt Grid



  • Active facilitators and contributors to Digital India.
  • Long-standing relationship of trust and delivery with Govt and Regulatory Bodies as a contributor to IT Infrastructure policy for many states.



  • Connecting West-Virginia with Chennai enabling Direct Connectivity with the largest Pipe of the World.
  • OpenIX
  • Value-added benefit to cable operators by providing infrastructure.



  • Customer-first approach
  • Deep understanding of the future needs of our clients and build our foundation PROACTIVELY.
  • Track record of customer satisfaction across industries.



  • Sourcing the best innovative talent, RackBank not only aims to build capabilities of its team but also build partners who work closely with us.



  • An innovative and flexible approach allows us to offer spaces for future expansion in the same campus where our clients can expand from 50MW to 300MW in the same facility in a short period of time with a Contract to commissioning done in 9 months.

Everything at one place that you wanted

Fast Expansion

Scale as you grow

Built-to-suit option

100% sustainable Energy

Carrier neutral

Vendor neutral

Green Building

Military Grade Security

Future-proof Hyperscale Infrastructure for Giga-Growth Companies

GigaCampus is where your data center needs to be
Largest Data Center Cluster in


Built-to-suit facility from 1MW to 500MW


Primary Power Source from L&G based

Turbine Engine

Meets all global standards of Giga Campus Data Center Cluster


Green & Clean energy Facility
PUE Optimization upto 0.1% leading to savings of 10%




Giga Campus is the answer to your future

Why Giga Campus is future-proof?

Together, we stand better and stronger. This is the core principle that drives us at Rackbank Giga Campus where innovation is brewing every single minute. With the massive growth of data worldwide, traditional models of data centers are not working anymore and they are certainly not for the future. Giga Campus exists in order to foster innovation, a level playing field where promising data-driven technology companies and global IT giants can scale their IT infrastructure and co-exist with freedom.

India is where the world’s 2nd largest internet population lives, India is where you need to be because your data lives here too. Rackbank became the first Digital Infrastructure Player from India that not only conceptualized the Giga Campus but also spread awareness about the need for such a facility in Asia. We are breaking the conventional trends of data center clusters across the globe and re-imagining Digital IT Infrastructure. In order to be future-ready, you need to be future-proof.


Helping shape the world from Asia Pacific, RackBank enables the compute needs for the businesses that change the world.