What do managed servers mean to you? For us, managed dedicated server means that our Server Technicians are ready to help you compete faster and offer their backs – round the clock.

The RackBank Managed Server Advantage

1. Managed Web and Application hosting: RackBank staff would optimize your hosting environment by managing your infrastructure needs.

2. Managed Backups: RackBank values the criticality of data backup. While we have full technical and physical capabilities for the backup process, our technicians will manage your offsite and local data backups. Now your squad can get busy in getting you more business while ours backs them up.

3. Managed firewalls: RackBank’s expert technicians have been trained to manage firewalls tactfully. They will ensure there is no unauthorized access to your infrastructure apart from updating configurations as per your specifications.

4. Managed load balancing: RackBank load balancers are built to ensure that your IT infrastructure remains robust. We manage, we plan, we supervise.