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Windows Server vs. Linux Server: Choosing the Best Server OS

While choosing the best server OS for a data center in India, you have various Linux and Windows options. However server OS comparisons by RackBank®, a leading provider of managed server hosting represent a server’s capacity; configuration, maintenance & installation difficulty, security and steadiness, and support offered.

Benefits of Windows Server

If you choose Windows server over Linux Servers, there are various profits that you will be fond of. The Windows server was solely developed and offered by Microsoft, in this way constant support and updates are given. Individuals who are already familiar with Windows will think that it simple to utilize the Windows server. Majority of clients using the Microsoft server hosting use the Active Server Pages (ASP) technology. Obviously, this is the fundamental motivation behind why considerable measures of people are turning to Windows dedicated server hosting. Also, clients can even create a site using the interface of Microsoft tools, for example, Visual Interdev, Microsoft FrontPage and Microsoft Access. With the assistance of ASP, you can undoubtedly create a site that is driven by a database using Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL as the database.

Shortcomings of Windows server

In comparison with UNIX, Windows server requires a lot of system resources. It is imperative to use a powerful machine if you need to run Windows server efficiently. As far as dependability, Windows server was not ready to gather a decent standing. For the individuals who are utilizing the Windows server hosting, extra expenses will be allotted for the development tools that are generally Microsoft products. The cost of the applications that you use on your site can cost higher than UNIX.

Difference between Windows server and LinuxDedicated Server India

Both UNIX and Microsoft server are operating systems. The Windows server and UNIX are for the most part used as enterprise application servers that are essential for different purposes including, but not constrained to email, web and even database hosting. The Windows server was made by Microsoft subsequently picking up the head role in their software solutions. Concerning UNIX, it was considered as an open framework in which its source code is accessible to public. Simply observe that both operating systems are perfect for web hosting. It is critical to take in the contrasts between the two so you can pick sagaciously.

Windows server is equipped for supporting majority of Microsoft products including Microsoft FrontPage.

Windows server supports Active Server Pages (ASP) which is a well-known programming that empowers you to develop database-determined and element site pages.

Most of the CGI programs available online were developed on UNIX platforms, thus they are easily installed under UNIX.

Why to Prefer Linux over Windows server?

It can’t be denied that Linux is ideally suited to be utilized as a server than Windows. Justifiably, it emerges from Windows server in different ways.

  • Stability is the fundamental aspect that makes Linux the perfect choice since it can run for a long time without any failure. Linux is additionally fit for handling various processes at once. As far as rebooting, changes in the configurations in Windows server would require one while Linux won’t oblige any restarting anymore. This is because of the way that changes in the setups in Linux are completed regardless the system is running.
  • Since Linux is focused around UNIX, it was planned as a multi-user operating system. It is just the administrator or root client who appreciates administrative benefits, in this manner keeping the security level high. Another aspect of security is that Linux is attacked at a lesser rate by malware and viruses.
  • In terms of the hardware, Windows require regular hardware updates to comply with its resource demands. Concerning Linux, it is scalable and adaptable, permitting it to perform flawlessly on any computer regardless of the machine architecture.
  • Linux is generally free while the enterprise form that includes corporate support is generally reasonable than Windows server.
  • If Linux is chosen, there are no business merchants alluring you to go for specific products. You have the option to choose what works best for your business.

Because of the advantages provided by Linux, it is the reason behind why it is used by organizations, governments and large scale organizations everywhere throughout the world.


Radhe Dhakad is Support Executive and Network Admin at RackBank Datacenters Pvt. Ltd.. He is our curious techie who loves experimenting on servers and likes to pen down whatever he explores new on server technology!

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