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Windows Server vs. Linux Server: Choosing the Best Server OS

Lamenting the hosting package or server you had picked won’t enable you after you to have chosen the hosting package or server and found that your prerequisites are not satisfied with it. This is the reason you are proposed to consider a devoted server once you locate that other hosting packages are not ready to adapt up to the necessities of your sites and applications. In any case, before you pick a dedicated server for hosting your sites and applications, you must choose a working system for it and the choice relies upon the highlights and options you need for your server.

Difference Between Linux and Windows Server:

  • Features:  It has been seen that a portion of the site proprietors who build up a site feel that it is smarter to have the site on a Windows committed server if the site is created on a Windows machine which isn’t right. In any case, the programming language in which the site is created is imperative and you can get data about this beneath. Another advantage with regards to committed server facilitating is the root chairman get furnished with the server, so you don’t confront any issue while playing out a few assignments on the server. Linux as a working system is spectacular for dedicated servers and this is claiming it bolsters most of the applications and software’s which are available.
  • Security: Linux working system is accessible for nothing and this is the reason the source code is given to everybody with the goal that they can create it and improve it than it is. Along these lines, it has been improved and regardless of whether hack endeavors are made, it is more secure. Windows then again which has been in the business for quite a while can be influenced with Viruses, in any case, as it is anything but difficult to introduce the applications your requirement for security and a large portion of them are customized by Microsoft only, this can be evaded.
  • Usage: Windows working system has been favored generally for one reason which is a simple interface. Overseeing committed servers will be as basic as dealing with your neighborhood machine as Windows working system with a simple interface is introduced on the server and you have an inclination that you can utilize your nearby machine when you are signed in your server. It can be somewhat dubious for you to begin with as it requires a portion of the orders which are annoying for some time. In any case, as it has been created by numerous individuals, it is discovered that it has turned out to be better as far as utilization and thus you won’t confront a considerable measure of challenges because of the simple interface which has been developed.
  • Price: Now comes the point which can surely roll out a decided improvement in your choice and this is the cost. Windows, because of Microsoft, requires authorizing expense and henceforth you must pay the charges for the working system also, while, Linux is a free open source application which is accessible for nothing and thus you don’t pay anything for it which reduces the general cost when compared with Windows dedicated servers.


Radhe Dhakad is Support Executive and Network Admin at RackBank Datacenters Pvt. Ltd.. He is our curious techie who loves experimenting on servers and likes to pen down whatever he explores new on server technology!

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