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How Dedicated Server Helps Your Business To Reach At The Top Of Search Engines

Having your site in the right environment can have all the effect between a leading arrangement in the hunt rankings and falling behind your rival. There are two choices to consider, a dedicated hosting environment and a shared hosting environment. The key contrast with it comes to conveying genuine SEO profits revolves around the way that a dedicated server ensures your website has a dedicated Internet Protocol (IP) – Though with a shared-hosting, any number of websites could have the same IP address, which can occur various concerns.

Below are some of the key points explained by RackBank® Data center; leading name among the top class providers of dedicated server in India about why you ought to consider where you site is facilitated when defining your SEO strategy


In a shared hosting, data steadily remains on the hard disk even after files have been deleted; it means that there is no assurance that your data will be safe. Any business whose data security is one of the most important parts of his business such as e commerce websites & banks needs a dedicated IP to ensure secure browsing over the internet via HTTPS. Avoid being penalized for illegal activities on other sites.

Avoid Being Punished for Illicit Exercises on Different destinations

A managed dedicated server hosting environment additionally kills the chances of getting to be blacklisted or punished in search engines, for example, Google and Bing. In a shared hosting, any number of different users having the same IP could be leading illicit exercises, for example, sending spam. This in turn reflects badly on all websites hosted on the same IP, regardless of whether you are responsible or not, and can impact on their operation.

Increased Load SpeedTier 3 data center

Additionally website’s load time is one of the key factors to get better search engine rankings. Shared hosting typically have forced bandwidth confinements, server speeds can be badly impacted during high activity period – regardless of how occupied your own particular site is. In a dedicated hosting environment, the responsiveness of the server is significantly greater. Improve SEO: web crawlers & reduced site complexity

Web Crawlers & Reduced Site Complexity

Google recently recognized the issue of the constrained capacity for its “spiders” to crawl sites on shared hosting environments. Spiders, or web crawlers, browse the web in a systematic, robotized and deliberate style looking for new bits of data to archive for the web index. The procedure is critical as well as important as its a method for getting up-to-date data, and hence contributes to search engine rankings. How hard or successful a spider crawls a site can be influenced by the site’s complications. For the most part this wouldn’t be an issue, in any case it has been recommended that destinations facilitated on shared servers can be seen as too complex and therefore limit the depth at which spiders crawl. This makes a breaking point on what number of pages will be fetched from the server. With a dedicated server, just a little number of destinations will run on it, and therefore this issue will never be experienced.

Supported Back-links

The search engine ranking of a website, can be drastically enhanced with dedicated hosting because its upon you that what type of websites should be hosted on your server. In a shared hosting, search engines devalue backlinks between the websites hosted on the same IP, which implies on the off chance that you have 100 links to your site all occurring from the same server, Google will essentially lower the effect of those links. Improve SEO: speed

Application Adaptability

A dedicated server can be customized to your particular requirements, which offers expanded flexibility. In numerous cases applications have particular necessities to run appropriately, having a dedicated server gives the added advantage of having the capacity to specify what applications you need to have running on your server.

Greater Up-time

A shared host is more inclined to encountering down time because of the reality there are regularly hundreds or sometimes thousands of sites on the same server all running distinctive scripting or programming languages. A poorly written script can easily cause performance degradation within the server, or even an outage, affecting all sites hosted on that same server, meaning the risk of your site being affected negatively is much higher.

On face-esteem a shared web-hosting can be seen as the most profitable hosting solution, but for a long-term a dedicated hosting gives numerous profits to enhance the probability of your organization being discovered on search engines at the top.

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