RackBank is India’s fastest growing data center currently in a 35,000-square feet infrastructure. We offer fully deployable end-to-end solutions to national and multinational IT Companies, data centers and/or IT infrastructure companies in dire need of large hosting projects.

You may be a multinational datacenter player based anywhere around the globe and in need of a data center partner in India or a large IT enterprise looking for data center, colocation cage, suite or rack. Rackbank has the requisite expertise and infrastructure to be your global data center partner.

What are RackBank benefits as Alliance?

Secured ecosystem: RackBank the most trusted and secured data center in India. We have multi-layered Security control measures having Biometric and Keycard Security Controls, Mantraps, Security Cameras with 24x7 recording. Our extended data center is to be located inside India’s first Data Center Park.

High-density data center: Data center with 10-15kW per rack deployment level high density zone. You get a partner that’s ready for any kind of workloads.

Carbon-Neutral: We have a mission to plant 4 million saplings by 2020 thereby slashing 4 million tons of carbon per year. You partner with an ecosystem-friendly and futuristic data center partner.

Scalability: Scalability of the level of a global data center provider to let you reach your target markets faster.

IP Network: Fully Redundant Global IP network.

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How Do You Gain As Rackbank Alliance Partner?

Technical and Tireless support: Your customers will be our customers. Our team of experts will work hand-in-hand with your sales and engineering team and will engage as per your request.

Phenomenal Growth: Being a RackBank Alliance Partner, you get to grow with India’s fastest growing data center which is being expanded inside the country’s first Data Center Park. To help you garner more growth opportunities, we offer you best-of-breed data center solutions.

Cost efficient data center: Our reliable ROI-driven servers from top-notch brands and data along with our critical resources help you address your day-to-day business challenges and stand out.

Flexible options: RackBank is ready to customize based on your requirements, sales models and customers. We’ll give you hassle-free sales support, hosting solution architects, pricing tools, and 24X7 consulting to ease your partner journey.

Industry-competent SLAs: We ensure you get timely access to billing, technical support, and executive management backed by our industry-competent SLAs.