Dedicated IP Address

Why Should You Have Dedicated IP Address?

IP or Internet Protocol is a unique address which is assigned to each and every computer that is connected to a certain network. IP address plays an important role as an identifier and it also used to provide a actual location of a machine or website in a given network. A dedicated Internet Protocol is a unique internet address which is dedicated exclusively for a single hosting account.

How IP addresses works? What are its benefits?

IP addresses route internet traffic is like a zip code or post code. Different people share their IP addresses like postal codes. If you have a shared hosting account, you share your website IP address with other people. In some cases, you might have to share it with hundreds of other sites.

4 major reasons why a dedicated IP is important for the success of your site:

  • An individual needs to maintain a secure site via SSL certificate.
  • If your site has high traffic and needs dedicated resources to maintain performance.
  • You need to access your site via File Transfer Protocol on a regular basis.
  • You need to view your site via IP address.

Most common reasons signalling you need a dedicated IP addresses as:

  • Offers a higher stability

Multiple websites can share single IP address on the web which gives a clear picture about the difficulties that may appear with a separate site. A dedicated server would allow you to control reputation of the site on your own and it won’t be affected by other’s activities.

  • Grants access to your site anytime you need

Sometimes it is very important to check how the site is going to look before pointing the domain name to server and launching your site on the web. Dedicated IP will provide the ability to access your server directly without changing DNS settings for the domain name.

  • Beneficial for email sender’s reputation

When some users share same IP address, you get blacklisted for spamming and it may possibly affect your email service. When you are using dedicated IP address for email, it identifies your service from being affected by the consequences of abuse made by others.

  • Good for business identity

If you are going to own a host of eCommerce related sites or online store and you are not going to use third-party services for handling payments. It is preferred to get some dedicated IP address and SSL certificate for the site to provide security for your customer’s data. Customers may feel safer while making transactions on the site which uses dedicated server hosting.

  • Required for particular third party applications or scripts

Sometimes for a particular application or script running on your server requires a dedicated IP address.

  • Incompatibility and SNI technology with some older browsers

If you have few SSL certificates on a shared IP address, it may cause problems with older version of some browsers. At that time, all visitors of such websites would receive a message containing information about untrusted connection.

So, a clear advantage of owning a dedicated IP is that you can do more with your dedicated server and you need a dedicated server hosting to host your own SSl certificate and you can also run FTP server off with an IP address.

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