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What to consider before purchasing a dedicated server?

Selecting a dedicated hosting server may be somewhat a task. Dedicated servers are costly and you would not wish to take a quick decision for your company.

Here are a few very important factors to think about prior you buy dedicated server so you make a knowledgeable selection.


Operating System or OS: Select a Linux server if you are employing an open source system like php/apache/mysql or Ruby on Rails. Hosting an ASP.NET cipher, MS SQL server or employing Microsoft IIS would require you to go for a Microsoft Windows dedicated server.

RAM: Power ravenous technique stacks such as Windows, Java and or Ruby would need a server with plentiful RAM.

Bandwidth and Performance: Unique applications such as game or chat servers may require multi-processor servers such as dual Xeon server. In addition, if you aim to host multimedia, pics and more select a host service provider with excellent pace and performance.

Managed servers: Go for a managed dedicated server if you don’t need the proficiency of a system manager. Whereas they may be more costly, it lets you to concentrate on your organization.

Hardware substitution assurances: Some website hosts provider to change unsuccessful hardware in a definite time period. Know, if your host provides an extended SLA so you are not in an awful condition when you need pressing substitute.

Business needs

You may include some particular needs associated to your business or activities. Here are some widespread deliberations:

Disaster recuperation

E-commerce: safe entry to  dedicated servers and truthfulness of information

Administration of heavy/ big-sized files

PCI compliance

Security: involving firewalls, safety next to distributed DOS attacks or the feasibility of fixing a VPN

High accessibility

Services like calendaring and emails


When selecting a website host, it is significant to verify their cost policies:

Monthly cost: Is tax involved?

Software licensing charges: Verify proprietary OS, record or revelation software licensing charges.

Costs of upgrades and components: Added memory, hard drive or space would charge you additional. Verify these costs prior you take a decision.

Scalability: Are simple upgrades present to deal huge traffic at definite periods? How much would these charge you?

Downtime charges: The perils of downtime may not be removed when we talk about this business. Ensure you find the charge of hardware breakdown and the peril for your organization prior making a selection of a provider.


Many web hosts offer you with help for your organization. Do not mend for something less than 24x7x365 support.

Control panel

Whereas various hosting providers may involve their individual control panel, it is prudent to select a service provider that has an accepted panel like cPanel, Plesk or WHM so if and when you drift, your sites, you would not countenance a big issue.

Find your web host provider and employ this like your checklist prior you buy a dedicated server for you.


Radhe Dhakad is Support Executive and Network Admin at RackBank Datacenters Pvt. Ltd.. He is our curious techie who loves experimenting on servers and likes to pen down whatever he explores new on server technology!

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