Your business is evolving and its IT needs are changing dynamically each day. You do not want to be billed needlessly for the power your IT equipments don’t actually use. t might take a toll on your business capital and operational costs causing them to increase substantially.

"More than 50% of colocation customers negotiating a renewal of their contracts between now and 2017 will find a mismatch of 25% or more between the capacity they had been paying for and what they actually consumed."

Source : Gartner

So the key lies in optimizing your IT strategy and budget and to fix this problem, RackBank diligently optimizes power infrastructure design to lower your upfront IT investments significantly and reap long-term cost-saving benefits.

How do You Benefit from RackBank Pay-Per-kWh Colocation model?

Metered Power. Metered Billing

With metered power, you pay only for power based on your actual power use. Such billing plan provides significant savings compared to a flat-fee or fixed billing plan as the total use is collective across all customer circuits

Bring down Energy Waste

Enhance rack densities without adding additional space or wasting any amount of energy. Also, reduce your water usage, carbon footprint and raw materials consumption by eliminating power over-provisioning

Increase your profitability

Reduce Your CapEx & OpEx by investing in other business areas and utilize it for high-return investments and deliver better shareholder value managing your cashflow better

Scale Faster. Scale Smarter

Tap into your operational efficiency and support your organization’s sustainability initiatives to scale faster and smarter

Control lies in Your Hands

Rightsizing the power density, space and cooling needs for your IT needs will foster lean growth for current and future growth at lowered cost enabling you to grow your business. This will also eliminate your capacity management issues

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