Conveniently located in Indore, RackBank is a leading and reputable datacenter that is wholly and solely dedicated to providing highest quality hosting services to their prospective clients.

It is absolutely true that in house database administers charge fortunes of money and thus, it is impossible for every business owner to hire them. Also, it has been found that businesses end up spending copious amount of money on troubleshooting issues and maintaining the variety of databases at their workplace and this indeed becomes a barrier for their business growth and flourishing.

At RackBank, we endeavor to provide highest quality DBA Services that can suit your business needs. Our team works efficiently and lays focus on enhancement of your overall business.

Some of the key features of DBA services provided by us are:

  • Premium administration - We are driven by a team of highly qualified and well versed professionals who strive to monitor your database and make sure that it is working aptly.
  • Quick fixing - We take pride in troubleshooting all the database problems that you share with us. Also, at RackBank, our team possesses extensive knowledge about database maintenance operations, performance, availability in production, and backups and so on.
  • 24/7/365 Availability - We are available for you always! With us, you can be assured to get the best DBA services at the most affordable rates.
  • Designing and architecture - All our engineers ensure to provide tailor made designs that can match with your architecture and can support your business in the best possible manner.

At RackBank, our team supports every feature of MySQL, Oracle, or Microsoft SQL Server databases. You can anytime count on us to get the premium and most suitable services.