A web host can run a web server, share file and mail server and other file based application; on the other hand, database host optimizes I/O for the storage platform and particular databases. At RackBank, they have an extensive knowledge about RAID levels and volumes and thus, aim to configure all those in a hassle free manner. So, if you are a business owner who is seeking world class data base solutions that can enhance the performance of your business and contribute in its growth.

Some of the key features of database hosting are as follows:

  • Dedicated and Cloud setups: Their databases design the best business infrastructure for your business needs. Whether you are using a dedicated server or a cloud hosting, their professionals strive to integrate your database with their portfolios.
  • Extensive and expert knowledge in each database: At RackBank, their experts and engineers are skilled and experienced and thus, understand the major databases to the core.
  • Inception to solution: You can depend on them and allow them to manage the systems, hardware and software without any doubt.
  • Unparallel support

So, are you one of the business owners who want to get all your databases managed while optimizing its performance? If yes, then you have come to the right place. RackBank’s certified and experienced DBA’s put all their soul and efforts to help you regarding the deep expertise that you need for MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL and other server environments. Whether you are running on a dedicated hardware or on a cloud’s server, they can assist you with unsurpassed architectural designs, administration as well as troubleshooting.

The specialists at RackBank strive to offer highest quality database hosting services that can empower your business to reach the desired goals. As per the size and nature of your business, RackBank makes it sure to customize the services that can suit the specific needs and requirements of their potential clients.