The Features And Benefits Of Using Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server is a perfect hosting solution for sites with substantial traffic. Before deciding the right hosting server, it is essential to inspect the hosting features as well as the benefits of each. The features and benefits are not only fruitful for small businesses, but also for big businesses.

Dedicated Server

Below is a compilation of some features and benefits of dedicated servers:

1. Advanced technical support

Dedicated hosting enables you to take advantage of precedence technical support from its members. A dedicated server should help you in efficiently resolving technical problems. These trained professionals help in giving necessary information as well as advice to troubleshoot website issues, server settings, and in fixing other problems.

2. Unique IP address

Dedicated servers have a unique IP address, and hence you do not have to maintain different IPs for different sites. Their one IP is enough to serve the entire server. This is a clear indication that all traffic that is moving to your IP address will flow to your website only.

3. Private and a secure environment

No one will have access to the server and thus you are sure of the highest degree of security. Dedicated hosting server providers employ enhanced security measures like malware and phishing detection alerts, firewall installation as well as SSL certificates, coverage against DDOS attacks and much more to ensure data security on the network servers.

4. Uptime guarantee and easy upgrade

Dedicated servers give you an opportunity to add more bandwidth, RAM, as well as increasing the processor speed upon requirement by your website. Additionally, dedicated servers offer maximum uptime guarantee for a specific period or a network contract. A recommendable dedicated hosting provider provides free uptime guarantee to the customers.

5. Administrative access and complete control

Dedicated server hosting grants you administrator access to not only install anything of your choice but also perform custom program configurations. It also aids in quick installation, upgrading, migration, and management of both systems and operations in a better way. It gives you an opportunity to identify the potential issues as well as correcting them before they affect your website.

6. Technical features

Dedicated server hosting incorporate a variety of essential features to make your server powerful. The latest generation hardware, as well as Desktop HDDs Dedicated servers or Enterprise SATA Hard discs, hosts the dedicated servers. This is to facilitate enhanced performance and faster data transfer. Some more features include SSH shell access, Error-correcting code (ECC) memory, DNS management, FTP account back up, daily cron jobs, RAID1- Hardware mirroring and much more.

7. User interfaces -cPanel & WHM

Web host manager provides users with some automation tools to assist them in accomplishing as well as managing the essential tasks of a website quickly and easily. As a user, you can create and manage email accounts, manage domains, set powerful spam filters, manage databases, manage web-based applications like the WordPress Blogs and do file management.


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