Why Does Your Small Business Need a Dedicated Server

Your business always needs a dedicated server for the many and various reason. Most of the business uses the dedicated server because it is the best option for the large level operations. A dedicated server or managed hosting services is a type of hosting in which client leases the whole server and not shared with any other person.

For an any successful business, size doesn’t matter. For an ecommerce site it is very important to maintain the high performance and security or privacy for the business. If they cannot do that, they will lose customers and profits .Sometimes, small businesses can also take the benefit of dedicated server if their earnings and profits are high for their usage .In the business of hosting, companies choose the many hosting plan or options that is very close to their financial bracket. A small business can also use for shared resources but there is very big disadvantage that there is always in fear and doubt to deal with back in their mind.

Sometimes shared resource go “on the blink” and a great option for overloaded with customers to start with. In a small business organization, a ecommerce site can be a time consuming and complicated task, if the business does not have a budget and resources for manage the ecommerce website. So for escape from all these type of issue, small organization chooses the dedicated server over the shared resources.

A small business business does not mean a small amount of traffic and resources demand. Small business website can sometime have a resource requirement that is above they need. Using the dedicated server, you are given full control on something that you want. There are no boundations for the use of customized ecommerce website or software and background process. Dedicated server also provides the facility for data backup service. This only possible for dedicated server but rarely for shared hosting services.

With the shared hosting package, you have a limited access for server controlled software. In this hosting, you can’t customize software packages. And in dedicated server, you can customize e-commerce software package and background process.

In dedicated server hardware has its own hardware firewall. It increases the amount of security that you have. Shared resources are insecure because everyone has its access on machine. And in dedicated server, you are only one of the person that is able to access the hardware. You can upgrade the RAM, hard drive, processor and bandwidth in a dedicated server. This is always good for every business when sales and visitors start to increase.

A dedicated server performs a portion of task through automation. For this task, you have a great knowledge and expertise in the field of server management and administration. It looks like a very complicated task. This means that a server administrator will handle all the technical problems of server upgrades, downgrades and modifications of the website through the cPanel.

You always feel the great and wonderful experience of a dedicated server.


Radhe Dhakad is Support Executive and Network Admin at RackBank Datacenters Pvt. Ltd.. He is our curious techie who loves experimenting on servers and likes to pen down whatever he explores new on server technology!

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