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How You Can Widen Your Customer Base with Magento Dedicated Server Hosting?

Online shopping has been a game changer considering various shopping trends, presenting countless choices before you to buy any product or service more conveniently and easily.  Among many eCommerce platforms available in the market today, Magento serves as a great option for online ventures, be it big or small.

And for taking that  conscious first step to set up your own online shop, you need such platform that is safe, efficient, flexible and robust for your e-shop. Also, to host such a website you need a powerful hosting server that would not let your site easily crash down and won’t run at snail’s speed.

How To Make the Right Magento Hosting Decision

So, which server hosting should you deploy on your Magento E-Commerce shopping cart- Shared or Dedicated Server Hosting? Which server would keep your customers smiling while they add some product to the shopping cart without allowing your site to slow down? Which server would prevent them from leaving your site and moving onto your competitor’s site? And, which server option would not let your site sink down in the search engine?

So, here’s the solution for all the questions popping up in your mind!

On comparing various features of Shared and Dedicated Hosting, we find that dedicated server is able to cater to your demands better and would not turn off your customer helping in running your online selling smoothly.

Since Magento happens to be quite a complex application, it continually pulls in a lot of pictures, videos, options, text, social media buttons, comments and other content. This is why, it needs a sufficient and powerful platform to run fluently and dedicated server has it all to back it up well.

And so, for Magento, a dedicated server is a comprehensive solution as it is highly self-reliant, thereby letting you set up the software as you want it or like it. On a Virtual Private Server(VPS) also, it is possible to run Magento, but a dedicated server gives you more flexibility ensuring that you have a complete control on your resources.

Plus, as you require plenty of RAM in your server to manage high requirements, you don’t have to ever worry about other sites putting your website in a perilous state. More RAM on your server helps in caching more data in memory, and lesser it will have to write to disk. This means it will serve pages more quickly, and it can also handle a large amount of traffic at the same time making shopping smoother and checkout faster.

Including all these features, dedicated server can also help your e-commerce business reach the top of Google search results. For further reading, you can click here to read more- dedicated server SEO benefits.

So, in a nutshell, you can say that Magento Shopping cart with a dedicated server hosting would be synonymous to the following:

  • Increased sales
  • Boosted Brand Buzz
  • Grow more revenues
  • Attract more prospects
  • Faster website
  • Building a wider customer base
  • More Secure E-Store

So, Magento being an open-source shopping cart, lets you sell anything to anyone at any time with a safe and reliable environment that dedicated hosting provides.

Rishika Gupta

Rishika is an Internet Enthusiast who has love for reading, learning new stuff, writing and World Wide Web. She currently works at RackBank DataCenters as Content Writer.

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