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Data is the core of the IT industry. If you are a leader in the IT industry, at some point your will eventually need to have the talk in data management and the best ways to go about storing or working with it.

What is a data center?

In short a data center is basically where system server used of the storage and management of data is kept. It is a room full of server racks and contusion to assure that this serves functions well and not crash.

Big companies like Google or any if the fortune 100 company prefers to build they own data center rather than having to outsource to outside server owners. For smaller business on the other hand, they prefer to outsource their data center services and save cost and money requirements.

This is why the case of colocator hosting is becoming a very popular trend recently.

From cost and resource point of view it is always better to outsource your data center especially if you are not big enough to pay for the best teams and necessary conditions to take proper care and give adequate account and maintenance in relation to the server.

When you are hosting your data yourself you must be prepared to pay for top notch engineers and also you must be prepared to provide a proper environment that will guarantee the proper functioning of the servers.

Things like temperature, humidity among other environmental factors need to also be in constant check.

All this are tasking and can take up huge amount of resource which the company might not have budgeted for.

On the other hand for large companies that make use of large amount of data requires them to have large space to cater for this huge need.

So it doesn’t actually pay them outsource their data storage since they will be paying a lot of money to rent space for their servers.

Instead it better to buy servers and employ full time engineer to monitor the whole server program.

Some company’s data center runs through about 10 acre of land in multiple locations. This enough is more than most colocator server spaces around. So it doesn’t pay them to outsource that huge amount of data.

There are many advantages to outsourcing your data center and also with building your own data center.

But in most cases the size of the company is always the determinant of which of these methods your organization will be option in for.

Also for those who love to have control over their data and not risk losing their data or having it accessed by someone who is not part of the company.

No matter how small such type of company is, building a data center is always the best option for them as they can easily access their data at anytime they want to without restrictions.

All this are main factor that can determine the type of option a company will choose when it comes to selecting mode of data storage.


Radhe Dhakad is Support Executive and Network Admin at RackBank Datacenters Pvt. Ltd.. He is our curious techie who loves experimenting on servers and likes to pen down whatever he explores new on server technology!

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