Are Data Center Outages Preventable?

When compared to earlier days, the downtime caused by data center power outages is increasing at a rapid pace. Whether the root cause is hardware malfunction, software bug or says, human error, most of the failures should be prevented so as to avoid the mishaps that can lead to the company’s loss. Well! As there is a high level of redundancy built in today’s data center architectures, data center outage can be prevented by following necessary steps. It is true that an unplanned data center outage is a polite way to say that the data center failed and this indeed contributes a lot to the functioning of an organization.

Large scale data centers should be well maintained and their network cabling systems should be checked on a regular interval. Thus, whether your company requires repairing the data center or replacing it, it should be your topmost priority to make a move towards getting the new one. Overlooking the importance and needs of a new storage infrastructure can lead the company in a great loss. Many people out there still wonder and search for the answer about “Should all power outages be accepted as an inevitable part of data center actuality? Or, can some data center power outages be prevented in a hassle free manner? Well! The answer to this is that yes, these data center power outages can be prevented by having a check on human resource management department of the company or by avoiding the human errors and much more.

Moreover, by approaching a leading data center, one can make sure to prevent the unplanned data center power outage. RackBank Datacenters Private Ltd is one of the most prominent and reputable companies which is wholly and solely dedicated to provide an array of services such as colocation services, dedicated server hosting, managed and unmanaged services and so on. Established in 2013, they have been providing top notch services to their valuable clients. Also, they are a premium carbon-neutral Data Center – Central India’s first data center and are driven by a team of well versed and competent professionals who leaves no stones unturned to gratify their clients to the fullest. Headquartered in Indore, they endeavour to provide exclusive and industry-standard Data Center as a services and facilities in a timely and generous manner. They understand that business data is the key to its success. Data is something that supports and helps the organization to flourish and boom; if unfortunately your data is lost due to any obvious reason, then every department of the company suffers. Thus, it is better to take preventive steps by approaching RackBank.

Coming back to data center power outages, the hardware and software is not only the reason for outage puzzle; however, many outages occur due to system failures as well as change. Thus, securing and designing the techniques that can prevent unauthorized changes is extremely significant for any business. As mentioned above, the reasons for this failure may vary from IT equipment malfunction to water, heat or air conditioning failure to generator failure, weather conditions and so on, therefore, the business owners should make it a point of concern to have a regular check on their data centers so as to avoid the unnecessary break downs.

Some of the causes for data center power outages in brief are as follows:

  1. Increasing data center capacity
  2. Rising rack densities
  3. Data center efficiency
  4. Need for infrastructure management and control
  5. Counting costs

At RackBank, their team strives to provide a wide range of data center solutions that can go well with your needs and thus, they empower their clients to achieve their desired business goals within a given period of time. Whether you are someone who is working in finance sector or whether you are one of the individuals who are seeking reliable solutions for the banking sector, RackBank can help you in the best possible manner by offering an array of data center services. They have served a host of companies starting from start-ups, SME’s, e-commerce, media and entertainment, government and manufacturing, BFSI and so on.

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