Understanding Dedicated Server Hosting Uptime

Dedicated server hosting, as the name suggests, refers to the hosting where you get complete control over the server. The server has one single purpose- to follow your line of command and serve your needs. This type of hosting is not just about hosting websites, it’s beyond other types of hosting. It is superlative on many fronts.

Dedicated server hosting is more about generating value for businesses that require better hosting environments. They provide greater freedom of accessibility, an advanced layer of security, agility and enhanced reliability.

And one of the main advantages of dedicated server hosting is that you get better uptime than any other form of hosting service.So, let’s understand what uptime means and how to calculate it to decide which one fits your business needs better.

Uptime is the time in percentage for which the service is readily available. Greater the uptime, greater is the output.

Take for example the below-mentioned uptimes for a 30-day month that equals 720 hours or 43200 minutes in total or 2592000 seconds.

99.999% Uptime = 25.92 Seconds of downtime in a monthdata center

99.999% Uptime = 4 minutes 20 seconds

In industry terminology, the 99.999% is referred to as ‘five 9s’ uptime, a 99.99% as ‘four 9s’ uptime, and it goes on like it.

And, similarly:

99.5% uptime= 3 hours 36 mins

99.0% uptime= 7 hours 12 mins

As you can see, the better the uptime, the lower will be the downtime. And by now you would have guessed that for reducing those dreadful seconds of downtime you need to shell out more money.

Additional infrastructure is required to support high system performance with high reliability. So, gear up yourself to bear those extra bucks for a more promising, reliable hosting service.

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