Indo-Africa ICT Expo 2015

RackBank Participating in Indo-Africa ICT Expo 2015

RackBank data centers are Central India’s 1st Tier-3 Green data center situated in Indore, India. We have been supporting businesses with our best-in-class premium data center services which include managed and unmanaged dedicated server hosting services and colocation services in India. The location will enable lowest-possible latency across all directions, also being safe from any natural hazards. We have a redundant network and multiple connectivities with an uptime of 99.98%. We help reduce their capital and operational expenditures to at least 50% with our energy-efficient provisions and key location. We have a client base globally in a wide array of industries such as real estate, media and video stream industries, IT infrastructure companies, bulk email industry, and others to cater to their internet infrastructures have required like data storage, data security, and faster data connectivity system.

Here are few points that will help to understand as to how RackBank servers are useful:

  • Rackbank is one of the best India’s among managed IT Services providers. Rackbank specializes in Internet data center and managed hosting, Infrastructure management, managed security, messaging and Collaboration recovery. It is a reliable and reputed name among the data centers in India.
  • A server farm is a centralized storage facility, either significant or virtual, for the capacity, organization, and dissemination of information and data arranged around a collection of learning or relating to a trade.
  • Content Management System is utilized to deal with the substance of a site. A CMS has 2 segments. These are right off the bat the substance administration application and besides content conveyance application. The normal for a CMS framework differs, however generally incorporates Web-based distributing, arrange administration, update control, and ordering a pursuit, and recovery.
  • RackBank gives every minute of everyday administration of gadgets, organizing the system, and servers, from a local area, making access simple, remote checking, investigating, and critical thinking. A most extreme usability of the server farm by detailing power over-burden doorways in a very much coordinated way is ensured by RackBank servers.
  • RackBank servers ensure that it compresses and makes more proficient server farm resource supervision and limit game plans. RackBanks servers offer the clear perception of the server farm to IT directors through thorough reviewing and reporting. They have lessened server farm track and helps affiliations move towards green computing.

You require a server farm arrangement that guarantees the veracity of your information, one that gives exceedingly accessible secure services dependably. The previously mentioned focuses are only a couple of the focuses which express the helpfulness of RackBank servers for CMS. Since CMS require the help of server farm, RackBank is ideal for CMS. RackBank is trusted and solid and the focuses specified above makes it valuable for CMS. In India, 27-September 2015 Central India first server farm is RackBank, that will give premium committed server facilitating and server farm services, will go to the up and coming uber occasion in Indo-Africa ICT Expo 2015 will be hung on 29 September 2015 in Nairobi, Kenya.

Rishika Gupta

Rishika is an Internet Enthusiast who has love for reading, learning new stuff, writing and World Wide Web. She currently works at RackBank DataCenters as Content Writer.

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