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Most Reliable Web Hosting Platform Ever : cPanel!

                                                      cPanel is one of the few commercially available hosting control panels trusted by world’s leading hosting providers. It saves your time & money by automating the business.

Through a web interface and automated tools cPanel help you manage your web hosting account and is designed to simplify the process of web hosting. Rackbank, one of the premium data center companies in India offers services for cPanel  hosting, providing you with the best after delivery services too.cpanel dedicated server

                 cPanel is an easy setup and even non professionals can setup their website using it, also it makes the completion of your tasks quicker and better. Using cPanel, administrators, resellers, end-user website owners can control various aspects of the website due to its 3 tier structure. In order to automate standard system automation process for third party software vendors, web hosting organizations and developers, cPanel has a command line and API based access. It is designed to work both as a dedicated server as well as a virtual private server. The latest cPanel version supports installation on CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Cloud Linux.


Once installed, cPanel cannot be easily removed, the server has to be formatted and the Operating system has to be reinstalled in order to do so. Also, it should not be installed in systems with fewer applications.

cPanel is your account where you can make changes to and customize your hosting account. Its various features are as follows:

  1. Domains- configure new domains, setup parked domains and create sub domains

  2. Emails- manage your emails and modify your MX accounts

  3. File Manager- modify your files, create an FTP account to access your files and modify them

It is a robust software but is easy to use and access due to the availability of tools within the panel. 


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