cPanel is a Linux based hosting control panel that is designed to provide graphical interface and automation tools which can simplify and manage the complicated process of web site hosting. It is a panel that encompasses 3 tiers that helps the administrators, resellers, and end-user website owners to have control over myriad of elements of website and server administration with the help of a standard web browser.

It can be functioned either as a dedicated server or as virtual private server. Along with this, cPanel also has API based access and command line that empowers the third party software vendors, web hosting organizations and developers to automate standard system administration process.

Since 2013, RackBank has been providing exemplary web hosting services which have empowered them to stand out from the crowd. With us, you can add services and one-of- a-kind features for your potential clients and thus, expand your business and their capabilities beyond a standard Linux-based environment by making use of cPanel. It can seamlessly manage your comprehensive content and furthermore, you can enjoy plenty of benefits to administer your IT infrastructure.

cPanel is a great tool that automates and simplifies your server’s administration by supplying a client control panel to the configured domain name. RackBank understands that no two individuals are alike and considering this, our team of proficient and expert professionals strives to walk an extra mile to quench the desires of their prospective clients. In addition to this, we also make sure to secure your software to the fullest and update them automatically by cPanel so that the server administrator will only have to create accounts and bill their valuable clients. We take pride in providing the most generous and professional assistance to the clients and provide best in class hosting services so as to simplify their task and help them to attain the desired goals.

cPanel Web Control Panel Features

  • Password-Shielded Directories & Custom Error Pages.
  • Latest cPanel Control Panel.
  • Webalizer, Referrer, AWStats, Raw Log Manager, and Error Logs Available for Web Statistics.
  • Instant Shopping Carts, Portals, Blogs, Forums, FormMail Installer.
  • Hotlink Protection,Web Based File Manager, Redirect URL, IP Deny Manager.
  • Autoresponders, Mail Forwards, Email Aliases, Mailing Lists Facility.