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When Should One Switch from a Shared Server to a Dedicated One

                                Sometimes it is difficult to know when it is best for your website to migrate from a shared server to a dedicated server hosting. RackBank® datacenter in India here will help you know the reasons why and when one should switch to a dedicated server plan. RackBank® is one of the few leading data center providers in India & around the world which offers the best migrating services to its users. Below are certain hints on the above discussed issue:

  • When the traffic on your website is tremendously high and your current hosting plan is unable to handle it, providing your users with the best services is definitely what you want and in order to do so, the best decision would be to switch to a dedicated server.dedicated-servers-hosting
  • Secondly, when loading of pages and graphics take time, it gives a bad user experience which definitely affects the sales of your products and services and is not acceptable; in that case you should opt for a dedicated server, enhance the user experience for your customers and hence your business.
  • Thirdly, whenever the traffic to your website increases, you need to upgrade the hardware resources such as disk space, bandwidth or have to install various softwares to support your business. Dedicated servers allow you to do so without contacting your hosting provider and hence making things easier for you.
  • When there is a requirement for an exceptional security in case of private development projects or when your customers expect some premium plans which only a dedicated server can handle, in that case in order to fulfill your as well as the requirements of your clients, switching to a dedicated server is the best option.
  • If for example your website at present is not collecting customer’s personal information but in the near future is planning to do so then dedicated server plan would be a better option for you as in the case of dedicated servers, security is extremely high and therefore data remains safe and secure.
  • Also, when the amount of data increases on your site then you require greater storage space which is not provided in the case of shared server but if you switch to a dedicated server then all the space on the server is yours.

Definitely getting a dedicated server for your website is a better choice than a shared hosting plan because this is the most used and preferred server hosting plan as it provides better performance as well as better security which undoubtedly is important to increase your business.

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