Managed v/s Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting Choice Made Easy

Whether you are planning to deploy your first dedicated server or wishing to upgrade from your existing VPS or shared server, you’re going to decide upon this- if it’ll be a managed one or an unmanaged one.

But before that, what’s rather more important is to make it crystal clear in your mind what each dedicated server hosting type actually means and what all each one comes with.

So now let’s first understand each of them considering several parameters so that you can pick the option that would suffice your needs without many hassles.

Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting Basic Know-How

When we generally talk about ‘unmanaged dedicated server hosting’, as a user or client, it requires you to manage almost anything and everything related to a server. Plus, you need to deal with all the server problems, come what may, and will have to resolve them all by yourself.

So in such type of hosting, all your data center or web hosting provider would do is it will make the initial setup of your hardware and network getting you online alongside assigning the IPs. Rest everything would come on your part that includes installing OS and control panel, configuring the server, adding firewall and troubleshooting and much more.

Managed Dedicated Server Hosting Basic Know-How

As the name clearly gives us a hint, all the aspects of a server of your dedicated server in a ‘managed hosting’ solution would be managed by your hosting service provider.

More to say, it usually comes with server management tasks like:

  • Unlimited ticket support
  • Server hardening
  • Disaster and post-hack recovery
  • Software installations and upgrades
  • Troubleshooting services
  • Installing scripts
  • Software troubleshooting configuration issues
  • Setting up firewall rules
  • Server optimization and tweaks

Though not all the data center vendors provide the above said services at exactly the same degree in all respects.

All the more, if you don’t find yourself absolutely comfortable with managing your server solely, or just in case, you do not have or wish to hire technical staff for the same, then this option of managed server would suit you better.

Answer these Quick questions for Yourself

And so, by now, basics of both unmanaged and managed dedicated server probably have been clearer to you.

Let’s make things a little more simple for you. Just answer these quick questions and you’ll automatically know easily which one to go with for your hosting plan.

  • Does spending money on server management seem a more viable option to you?
  • Does your organization have people with expertise in handling server tasks efficiently and independently?
  • Would you rather choose to spend money over spending time for the server maintenance tasks?
  • Do you have an in-house technical team to manage your server without you getting stuck?
  • Would you be able to handle control panel like Plesk or cPanel on your own?

Finally Making the Choice

After having answered the above qualifying questions and understanding the basic know-how of each server hosting solutions, now you are at a point having an option in your mind.

On a final note, we can say that everything boils down to what exactly your hosting needs are and which option can help you fully meet them. And for this, you can compare the packages offered by a hosting or data center service provider and select accordingly easily.


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