Top 5 Reasons to Deploy a Dedicated Server

As we know that Google is rewards the websites, which have faster load time than others. According to the recent data released by Google, desktop websites are still 1.5 times faster than mobile sites.

As indicated by Google this is unacceptable and speed must turn into a critical metric when designing your site, particularly for mobile. Although, speed is often connected to performance. If your current business or enterprise site is still hosted on a shared server, you may be restricting resource expansion furthermore providing your clients slow loading pages.

Here are five reasons why you ought to consider a dedicated server hosting to drive your website and private/open applications successfully:

Complete Control

You are the boss and can choose what’s best for your business. Select from monthly, quarterly or yearly plans on dedicated servers or seek after a specific business methodology.

Huge Bandwidth

Rackbank data center ensures you can run at full capacity. Rackbank does not isolate your amount in the middle of upstream and downstream traffic. Your traffic will never be bargained by shady transfer speed limitations while choosing dedicated server hosting.

All assets on the server are allotted to you-

What’s more, Rackbank Dedicated Server Hosting in India incorporates every minute of every day support. On the off chance that you select our managed hosting, you’ll additionally get regular operating system updates and security patches.

Safe Storage

If you have thought about purchasing your own server, you might have decided not to do so because you do not have the room to store it safely. A server must be kept in a climate-controlled environment and kept away from moisture. Servers also take up space that most small and midsize business owners do not have. When you use a dedicated hosting plan, you get all the benefits of having your own server without the need to store the server in your office or home. The hosting company keeps the server secure and makes sure that condensation, extreme temperatures, and other environmental conditions do not affect the server’s performance. This makes dedicated hosting well worth the investment.

On the off chance that your site gets a lot of traffic or uses asset serious applications, a shared hosting plan may not be sufficient to address your needs. A dedicated server provides for you included unwavering quality, wipes out the need to store a server on your premises, and makes it conceivable to introduce projects and screen asset use, making this sort of facilitating a significant business venture.

You hope to be an enormous business soon –

Perhaps you haven’t begun your web presence till now, but since of the sheer volume of business you have offline you know very well that your site will be on fire from the very first day. When you have notoriety for being a pioneer in your field, the exact opposite thing you need to do is launch a broken site that can’t deal with the heap being tossed at it. This is harming to your brand image, and could really negatively affect your business instead of improving it, which a website should always do.

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