What creates the difference between a large player and budding player in the same business domain? It is the IT infrastructure. Rackbank aims to help you cover that extra mile to be stand shoulder to shoulder with your competitors!

An undying faith in Digital India Campaign
Rackbank is a world-class Managed Infrastructure service provider in India, We help you convert great business idea into a living reality! We sternly believe that the demand for cloud is poised to grow with increase in demand of data driven services.

Rackbank takes compatibility issues very seriously!
Availing Infrastructure as services (IaaS) to meet the growing demand of your business is an old story now. What is important though is how well the various services available on the click of the button integrate with your current ICT systems. By carefully understanding your current infrastructure, we help you leverage a ready-to-go virtual computing environment.

Why RackBank believes we can answer your growing Infrastructure needs:

  • Scalability: Cost-efficient, zero delay solutions in expanding capacity or mitigating the wastage of unused capacity
  • Zero Hardware investment: Cut down on your CapEx by investing zero or minimum investment on hardware
  • Utility style costing: You pay for what you choose. Multiple service models to choose what fits your need and budget
  • Location advantage: Located in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Indore, we offer the advantage of low latency and low OpEx due to considerably low cost of electricity in the region
  • Secure operations – Our infrastructure is well-equipped with latest standards of physical and soft security.