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How Can I Configure Remote Access to MySQL?

To configure your server (with Plesk Control Panel installed) for allowing remote connections for your MySQL database, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in into your Plesk Control Panel by browsing to https://<IP Address>:8443 with the username and password mailed to you after your dedicated server setup.
  2. After logging in, click on ‘Domains’ on left side of Control Panel.
  3. Select the domain associated with database.
  4. Click on ‘Databases’ under ‘Services’ tab.
  5. In case you haven’t created a database, create a new database by clicking on ‘Add New Database’ and if you already have a database, click on the database listed.
  6. Click on ‘Add new Database User’ which is a user account for remote login into MySQL server.
  7. Open MySQL port(3306) in firewall and limit it to allow access only to home or office PC. Click ‘Modules’ on left side of Plesk Control Panel.
  8. Click ‘Firewall’.
  9. From several firewall options before you, click ‘Edit Firewall Configurations’.
  10. Choose ‘MySQL server’ and click on text.
  11. You can edit the rules here for port 3306 which is the default mySQL port. Select 'Allow from selected sources, deny from others'.
  12. Enter your local static IP Address in textbox and click 'Add'.

Now, access your mySQL database remotely.

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