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How to run a ping ?

PING stands for Packet INternet Groper.

This is a simple diagnostic tool implemented in both Windows and Linux that enables you the ability to test for basic communication between two network nodes within a LAN or across the WAN/Internet.

The concept is simple - a special packet is sent from a source machine to a destination machine at which the destination machine responds back.

The time it takes for this process to complete helps determine two things:

  • Does the destination machine respond?
  • How long does it take the destination machine to respond back?

To run this tool is very simple.


For windows you simply open a command prompt:

Go to Start->run->type CMD->press enter

Within the command prompt you will type:

ping destination-IP -n 10

For example:

ping  -n 10


For Linux open terminal:

[email protected]:~# ping -c 10  destination-IP

Within the command prompt you will type:

ping -c 10 destination-IP 

For example:

ping -c 10 

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