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How set up backups?

Note: Rackbank is not responsible for incomplete or currupt backups. This article is only to help client seeking guidance on setting up routine backups.

Backing up files to your Rackbank server is really easy. This article is designed around CentOS and Fedora, but it can be adjusted to work for just about any linux distribution.

1) Get the system ready

You will need to mount the NAS to your system before proceeding.

2) Create the files to perform the backup

Running the following commands will create it all for you:

wget -o /usr/bin/ wget;
chmod +x /usr/bin/;
ln -s /usr/bin/ /etc/cron.daily/backups

3) Configuration

In the file /usr/bin/


 #Change the 5 variables below to fit your server/backup

After modifying those variables, save the file and you're done.

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