How do I install cPanel/WHM ?

The cPanel/WHM installation requires a clean Operating System for installation, or else problems may occur.

The installation of cPanel/WHM is simple but does take 60-90 minutes to complete. Once you have purchased a full license through our Sales department or a VPS license through our control panel, you can do the following to install:

iptables -F
/etc/init.d/iptables save
cd /home
chmod +x latest

The above commands do the following:

  • Clear all IP Tables (firewall) rules and save the changes
  • Download the cPanel install script
  • CHMOD the script so it can be ran
  • Go into a "screen" so that you can perform your normal work while installing
  • Run the install script

We have you run the screen command because this install can take 60-90 minutes. To close out of it, without disrupting it, simply press CTRL+A+D. You can revisit the install at any time by typing screen -r.

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